I Want to be a Tanker Driver

June 14, 2008 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | No Comments | Filed in: business.

This strike action by Shell petrol tanker drivers is rather interesting. These truck drivers don’t actually work for Shell but for the haulage firms Hoyer UK and Suckling Transport who are contracted out to Shell. The drivers are members of the Unite union and apparently the union wants these tanker drivers to be on a • Read More »

Selling England by the Pound

June 2, 2008 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | 5 Comments | Filed in: business.

When I threw down some thoughts here over the weekend about rip-off Britain I was pointing out that the term itself is like a beacon to those willing to make money out of this country. I finished my diatribe by taking a pot-shot at another term, foreign “investment” in this country for the reason that • Read More »