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September 18, 2010 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | Filed in: business, creativity, design, Internet, SEO.

When a little London agency tweeted the other week something along the lines of “Hooray – we’ve been doing business for 10 years!” it suddenly dawned on me…

22i Design - 10 years of Farnborough Web Design, Hosting and SEO consultancy.…22i Design, my little Farnborough web design business, was 10 years old on the 5th September 2010! I’d been so incredibly busy that the date plain slipped me by.

At the time I launched the business (2000 AD, the millennium year) I was still working for a Japanese multinational in their electronics warehouse and had been running my own websites for a couple of years with my art & design skills formally recognised by an HNC in Graphics & Design recently under my belt (Better late than never!)

22i Design was born out of the frustration that “you can’t get the work without a portfolio and you can’t get a portfolio without the work”. So when a friend heard of my skills I built a website for his karate club. His wife was impressed and ordered a website for her alternative therapy business.

Then I was picked up by is4profit the business advice website. I’ve been with them nearly ten years now and that’s only a little less than I’ve been at 22i Design. The personal business took a back seat to the main web design role and has pretty much been there ever since.

Sure, the order books are full and there’s an almighty backlog of design work but the web hosting side of the business has been ticking over nicely and most of the last few years’ work has involved a nice mix of web design, logo and graphic design, copy writing and a lot of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Hampshire-based but nationally available, 22i are available as independent PPC and SEO consultants.

So here’s to another ten years of 22i Design and let’s see where the journey takes us.

22i Design – 10 years… Who’d have thought it? 😉

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