BBC Licence Fee Savings Distraction

January 17, 2022 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | Filed in: finance, politics.

Whilst the prime minister is embroiled in yet another controversy, his government has set out to throw “red meat” out to its voter base and back benchers.

For one thing, saying the military should be in charge of handling migrant boats in the English Channel is just ridiculous. There are not enough Royal Navy vessels to patrol UK waters and besides, it will embolden smugglers, knowing that the boats they send out will be secured by British military operations if there are enough RN ships in place. Has nobody thought about going to the root causes of migration and fixing those issues?

As for saying that freezing the TV license will “help struggling families with their household bills” over the next two years…?! On the BBC TV news tonight, Nadine Dories said the beeb intended to raise the fee to £180 over the next two years. If that were the case, then that’s a nearly £20 increase. It’s actually a £10 a year increase if it were to happen right now but let’s stick with the figure she used.

My combined gas and electricity bill has increased by £72 a month! It’s not as much as the figures I’ve heard gone out of some households, but that’s my fairly conservative personal circumstance just for example. That £72 a month energy bill rise is an increase of approximately £862 a year, so let’s put that into perspective again…

BBC TV licence = plus £10 a year

Gas + electric = plus £862 a year

Im not a genius at maths but that’s a no-brainer… my own household energy bill is rising at 86 times more than the TV license. That’s 8,600%  more!

Why is Nadine Dories offering us all such a paltry “saving” whist the government ignores the far far bigger elephant in the room? Pursuing the BBC’s financing is not about saving cash-strapped families money; if the Tory government wanted to do that it would should do something clever with energy (like urgently fund biogas generation), execute a windfall tax on North Sea energy providers’ extra £20 billion they’ve had from wholesale gas price hikes or reclaim the public pot that was so frivolously dished out on poor value for money PPE contracts. (£44.3 billion apparently£44.3 billion apparently)

Do they think we’re all thick?

Answers, as always, in the comments please.

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