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Theranos: Charisma Over Competence

January 6, 2022 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | No Comments | Filed in: news.

Theranos - Charisma over competence.

Whilst it’s making the mainstream headlines right now, the Theranos story has actually been rumbling on for a number of years. Formed way back in 2003, Theranos’ unique selling point (USP) was that it could analyse just a few drops of patients’ blood and produce results. It claimed that, backed by its innovative technology, it • Read More »

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And Now the AMP Project

October 8, 2015 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | No Comments | Filed in: Internet, marketing, news, SEO, tech.

As if there’s not enough to do, racing around and tweaking your websites’ code to pander to Google’s needs, there’s now the AMP Project from Big G. Announced yesterday on the official Google blog, AMP is the Accelerated Mobile Pages project. The aim of the AMP project is to improve delivery of content on mobile • Read More »

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Clone Wars: Farnborough

June 20, 2013 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | No Comments | Filed in: business, news, politics.

On the 25th January 2012 I attended a meeting of North Camp residents, even though I live in the Fox Lane area of Farnborough (some might argue that it’s Cove, almost Hawley) The most important aspect of that meeting, hosted by Andrew Lloyd, the Chief Executive of Rushmoor Borough Council, was that he said he • Read More »

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Putting the Disgust Back in Disgustingly Rich

June 30, 2012 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | No Comments | Filed in: business, finance, news, philosophy.

Financially and morally we are living in interesting times: David Cameron said, back in 2010, that “We’re all in this together” regarding the state of the nation as it struggled with an economic downturn. He then recently went on to finger Jimmy Carr for his tax avoidance but keeps quiet about billionaire Tory peer and • Read More »

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The Fred Goodwin saga continues…

March 18, 2009 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | No Comments | Filed in: finance, news.

Whilst you work your proverbial rear end off, worrying about your mortgage and paying the bills, putting in extra hours to ensure the business stays afloat, learning something new every day, every hour to try and stay ahead of the curve and loading your brain with more knowledge & concerns than might normally be acceptable, • Read More »

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February 19, 2009 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | 1 Comment | Filed in: news.

We’re not talking brain power here but rather the hazy world of clandestine information gathering services. You see, there’s a story in The Telegraph entitled¬†“Israel launches covert war against Iran“. That headline alone is an intelligence failure of the cognitive kind; a reporter in New York, writing for a British newspaper, tells the world (wide • Read More »

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