Das Ist Mein PanzerDubWagen

June 25, 2023 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | Filed in: travel.


I play so much dub music in my old Mercedes CLK that I’ve officially named it the PanzerDubWagen!

It has a standard Mercedes-Benz sound system from 2007 which is great quality but it really could do with a boost in the bass department. I like to have the bass turned up because my tinnitus means I dislike high-pitched sounds and so only low-level vibes will suffice. Often stuff in the car rattles and vibrates, and even when it’s tidy in there, I ca still get the panels to vibrate from level 8 bass. So I tend to keep it at a fairly friendly 6 so that it doesn’t distort.

I do have an old Rockford Fosgate bass speaker waiting to go in with an Alpine amp, but that means the head unit would probably need an upgrade. I don’t currently have the funds to get the PanzerDubWagen upgraded at the moment, so a lottery win is expected so that I can perform the mods.


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