Episode XLIV: A New Hope

January 20, 2009 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | Filed in: politics.

I’m not going to get into a round of Bush-bashing here because we all know that the “toxic Texan” is now out of office; “the end of an error” as my girlfriend’s friend put it. Nor am I going to malign all those that did actually vote him in, those that gained so much from him and those that vehemently stood by and defended him, no matter what he did.

George W Bush is gone. He is no more. He is an ex-President.

Welcome, President Barack Hussein Obama. I really hope you can live up to the promises and the expectations. As the new Whitehouse.gov site states

Change Has Come to America

This is Episode XLIV: A New Hope. I hope the Rebel Alliance can keep the evil Empire at bay now, and apart from the overly religious parts of the inauguration, credit is due to President Obama for his recognition of the fact that non-believers do actually exist.

Look at the analysis of the speech using wurdle; What stands out is NEW AMERICA. SPIRIT is far greater than GOD & FAITH combined. TRUST GREATNESS is in there too.

And I love the way the words came out in the shape of a pint glass. Cheers to that.

Obamas Inauguration Speech - Episode XLIV: A New Hope

Obama’s Inauguration Speech

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