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GreedThere have been a lot of stories out of this difficult economic period labelled “Recession, what recession?”

Whilst I’ve certainly seen no drop in workload, to the contrary there has been a large increase in demand for small business website design, SEO and marketing work, I wouldn’t climb onboard the “I’m alright, Jack” bandwagon; to do so seems a little arrogant, a tad insensitive.

Workers at RBS, for instance, have lost their jobs whilst the notorious ex-chief of RBS, Fred Goodwin, walks away with a huge pension despite residing over the biggest loss in British corporate history.

Gordon Brown’s Green Revolution, with Britain as a world leader in green & renewable energy & tech has failed to secure British jobs in the wind turbine firm, Vestas, which cost 450 people their jobs in the Isle of Wight.

Closer to home a good friend of mine, a really proficient graphic designer, has always earned a pittance of a wage despite his talents. Last night I was shocked to hear that, even though he earns a sum well below the national average, he has had to take a 12½% pay cut!

Even more galling is that his employer is splashing out on a lavish private event for friends & family that includes the hiring of an exclusive venue in Mayfair, London, cases of the finest champagne, all the trappings of the high life for a one-off event of pure self-indulgence; all this, to sup Moët and eat caviare, at the expense of the subordinates that work to keep him in business.

You could say it’s a dog-eat-dog world, but we’re not dogs, we’re people. The lack of care and compassion for our brothers & sisters indicates a new low-point in the evolution of humankind and it’s time that the balance was restored.

Fred Goodwin should hand back ALL of the money he has taken from RBS since leaving; he should set up a trust fund in order to assist and retrain those ex-workers that have lost their jobs, previously due to his actions in defending & increasing profit margins rather than treating people as if they mattered in the economic process.

Gordon Brown should quit allowing British assets to fall to foreign companies in order to generate a migrating profit and put some effort into saving and creating jobs for British people in the new economy that will thrive on environmental knowhow and services.

My friend’s boss should come down from his ivory tower and delay the celebrations, he should not steal from the poor to give to the rich. Enriching his own ego through unadulterated decadence should come second to the wellbeing of those further down the foodchain that he so recklessly mistreats.

So when you next hear the utterance “recession, what recession?” just remember that people have lost their jobs, their money, their pensions, their livelihoods and sometimes their homes. The fact that super rich people create wealth by allowing money to trickle down to the rest of society is a lie. Don’t fall for it, people.

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