Liz Truss Day 1

September 7, 2022 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | Filed in: politics.

In her first full day as UK Prime Minister, newly-anointed Liz Truss made her position very clear: Excessive profit is totally acceptable.

The energy companies, and indeed now all companies, have been given the green light to sit on every penny they’ve made from unexpectedly high profits. She also added, in her time during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) that any windfall tax would scare away investors.

In other words greed is good.

So, that’s one massive takeaway from day one of her tenure.

Jobs for the…

The other one is “jobs for the boys” or this time, “jobs for the girls”. Her new deputy PM is Therese Coffey, the Home Secretary is Suella Braverman, International Trade Secretary is Kemi Badenoch, and Chloe Smith is the new Work & Pensions Secretary. She’s also appointed Anne-Marie Trevelyan as Transport Secretary, Penny Mordaunt has become the Leader of the Commons, with Michelle Donelan, Wendy Morton, and Vicky Ford taking up further positions.

Against a notion that this is “the most diverse” cabinet ever, that’s a good number of women.

But there are also a few black and Asian ministers there too, so that’s good.

However, there’s been a purge of Rishi Sunak supporters, so she’s surrounded herself with friends and confidants too. That’s not so diverse from the perspective of having plenty of “yes men” at the top table, or rather “yes women” this time.

Additionally, have these people been chosen for their skills and abilities or their loyalty?

Meritocracy is what we should have in government, but under Johnson it was more of a kakistocracy, so which will it be this time?


I also have a feeling that team Truss is just going to bulldozer its way through the next few weeks and months. I’m all for strong leaders and focused attention, but when it’s against the greater good, and for the benefit of the few and the rich, then it becomes a massive problem.

If the government freezes bills tomorrow, and not the old and the poor, then I suspect there’ll be a catch – we’ll all have to pay the difference with a long-term loan, much in the manner of a mortgage.

Her persistence on cutting taxes is worrying too. What will that do to inflation, interest rates, the value of the pound, government debt, and public services?

I fear that the state will reduce and public services will start to buckle even more. That’s not what I signed up for, that’s not what I want somebody doing to my country, my society, and my people.

The only silver lining is that people will suffer so much that they’ll rise up and get rid of “the nasty party” but that is still some way off, and my biggest concern is for the damage the Tories will have already inflicted upon the wider populace.

Brace yourselves, winter is coming!

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