My 1965 House Project

August 27, 2022 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | Filed in: household.

I brought my three-bedroom, semi-detached house in 2006. I’ve not done much with it due to lack of funds, even for a reasonably well-paid professional, I’ve been subject to financial pressures alongside every other regular Joe in the country, before this whole “cost of living crisis” blew up in all our faces.

It’s still got the original 1965 kitchen, as just one aspect I’ve not been able to afford to fix. I did rip out the wall between the bathroom and the separate upstairs toilet, that was SO 1960s. But other than paint a few rooms, it’s been the same for the best part of 16 years and is in serious need of renovation/restoration to modern standards.

So, as more of “note to self” I’m listing all the things I need to work on as a “to do” that needs investment to achieve;

  • Electrics: It’s still 57 year old wiring as far as I know. I don’t have a modern consumer unit, just a tin box with bakelite fuses. Seriously! I’ve been quoted £4,500 to rewire the whole house.
  • Double glazing: I don’t know how old the windows are but many have “blown”. The last window cleaner who cold called got sent away because there’s no point washing windows you can’t see through. No idea how much good triple glazing costs these days (10x windows, 3x doors) £5,000 for new glazing?
  • Water tank: I need a new water tank in my loft, the old one had a leak over the winter so needs total replacement. £150 + fitting time last I looked.
  • Kitchen: The 1965 kitchen is well past its prime. It’s had water damage from leaks, and is totally impractical and inefficient. Desperately need more storage and modern appliances, especially the cooker. Some TV show quoted £8,000 for a kitchen the other night.
  • Bathroom: Ran out of money and still have tiling to do. Need to seal the floor and put window sills in (Natural wood?) plus blinds, threshold wood, and it’s done.
  • Replastering: I had my ceilings replaced last year before I ran out of money. Now I need those same rooms replastered. 57 year old walls have quite a few cracks in them. £300 per room last time I had this done (Youngest daughter’s room)
  • Floorboards: When I get ’round to pulling up the existing carpets, all the floorboards need to be screwed down or replaced.
  • Parquet floor: I’m so lucky to have beautiful parquet floor, but it all needs to be renovated and brought back to life again.
  • Carpets: Where I have carpets they all need replacing. Whether old or damaged by the children, some are well past their prime.
  • Gate: The old gate rotted through a year or so ago and needs a replacement. Cheap for now but a nicer gate for the long term.
  • Fences: Fence panels need replacing. Just one or two but it will help.

That’s the abbreviated to do list.

It’s a shame I can’t add it to my Amazon wishlist – It would be nice to wake up one morning and find an electrician at my door, ready to rewire the house.

I don’t know when or how I’ll be able to pay for these things but the list is now made and I will refer back to this to see if I can start chipping away at it.

Of course, the fundamentals need to be done first, like the electrics and windows. Then the niceties can be ticked off, like having decent paint on the walls and nice curtains or blinds, let alone the whole aspect of furniture! That’s way down the line.

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