My Bookshelf

Paul Mackenzie Ross - My bookshelf

I would have loved to have gone to university and earned a degree in design or computing but that’s not the way life panned out.Ā Instead, I learned from the school of hard knocks, the university of life and taught myself much that brought me to where I am today, hence why I am sharing my bookshelf.

I owe much to books because, whenever I needed to learn a particular skill I would buy a book and dip into it as an eternal source of handy reference. In particular, SAMS Teach yourself HTML in 24 Hours was the one book that really opened up my path as a web professional and I still have that book today, some 17 years after I first brought it. No I don’t, give it back, Mark S šŸ™‚

So, here I share my bookshelf with the world…

What I’m reading RIGHT NOW! (Yes, I have a few on the go at once)

Stashed away on the bookshelf of life:

  • Ghost in the Wires
    The autobiography of Kevin Mitnick, once the world’s most wanted hacker!
  • SAMS Teach Yourself HTML 4 in 24 Hours
    When I first wanted to learn Hyper Text Markup Language THIS was the book that got me started; I think I brought itĀ from PC World, Guildford, in 1997/1998.
  • Drupal 6 Themes: Create new themes for your Drupal 6 site with clean layout and powerful CSS styling
    I know Drupal 6 is reachingĀ reached its end of life on 24 February 2016 but I still manage a portfolio of D6 websites. Today I had to dip into this book to gain some insights into Drupal 6 theming so I thought that if anyone else out there is still in the same boat as me then this is a good reference point. I should really be pointing people to the book Drupal 7 Themes.
  • The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7
    This really is a hefty tome, so you get your money’s worth for standard post & packing charges. It’s also pricey at nearly Ā£40 new so I ordered a well-loved second-hand edition. It really is pretty comprehensive.