Never Give Up The Power You Have

April 23, 2021 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | Filed in: spirituality, Zen.

I’ve been really enjoying the thoughts and words of Russell Brand recently; His quest for enlightenment, his recent Audiobook Revelation, and the amazing guests he’s spoken to on his YouTube channel and Luminary podcasts, including Ekhart Tolle, René Brown and Ricky Gervais, to name just a few.

However, his recent interview of Vandana Shiva really resonated with me. There’s one particularly powerful moment  that overwhelmed Russell Brand too, as you will see.

To set the scene, the pair were discussing Bill Gates’ new book How to Avoid a Climate Change Disaster and how Vandana Shiva thought it was “rubbish”, highlighting Gates’ view that he knows best for the future of farming in her home country of India, as one example. He’s a billionaire tech entrepreneur who’s probably never done a hard day’s physical toil in all his life whilst Vandana Shiva is a truly down-to-earth agriculturalist.

What she homed-in on was the attitude of the rich and powerful, be they tech giants, European countries, or people, individually and collectively, and their arrogance in particular.

To counter this arrogance, Shiva had some sage insights,

“These people who think they are beyond all accountability can be brought to account.

We just have to ensure that none of us allow our ego to overtake us, none of us allow hate and division to become the way to start to think, and, third, none of us ever give up the power we have.

We are powerful beings in a powerful world.”

That is indeed powerful stuff in and of itself.

Throughout many of his interviews you can hear Brand drawing breath and almost meditating whilst listening to his guests’ most poignant moments. He does that here and seems overwhelmed by the emotion and gravity of what Shiva said.

Here’s the clip…

It’s a really beautiful moment as Vandana Shiva’s words align wholeheartedly with Russell Brand and he takes a good thirty seconds to compose himself. If you’ve followed him on his quest the past few years or are on a similar path yourself, then you’ll know where this is all coming from and, hopefully, you’ll feel the joy of this special moment too.

Take a look at the full video Vandana Shiva: Bill Gates’s Book Is Rubbish!

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