Once Every Four Years

February 29, 2012 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | Filed in: random.

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice today that it’s a leap year and that today was the leap day…

Yes, folks, it was the 29th February and the next time this date will occur will be in 2016. The last one was in 2008.

Whilst I was down my local pub tonight I said hello to one of the regulars whom I hadn’t seen for a little while. It was great to see him but, better still, was hearing the locals saying happy birthday…

Knowing our friend was retired I quipped, on the way out…

“Happy sixteenth”

His response:

“Actually, it’s my 17th but don’t tell the landlord ;-)”

Happy birthday everybody whose day it was today, and for those who chose to make it a special day for other reasons, I hope all the other 305 days of your year are equally incredible 🙂

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