Das Ist Mein PanzerDubWagen

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I play so much dub music in my old Mercedes CLK that I’ve officially named it the PanzerDubWagen.

It’s a 2007 CLK 220CDI Sport with a standard sound system which is quite capable of playing Dub Pistols at satisfactorily smile-inducing levels of bass…

Sainsbury’s Shares are Sweeter than Nectar

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Sainsbury’s Shares are Sweeter than Nectar

Just over a year ago I started dabbling in shares via the Freetrade app. My trading philosophy is to buy shares in services that I use and claw back some of what I spend almost as discounts or cash back. My supermarket of choice, until the cost of living crisis, has always been Sainsbury’s. It • Read More »

No More Disruptors Please

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Klingon disruptor and Starfleet phaser.

It’s been funny over the past decade or so where the word “disruptor” has been used. disruptor /d?s?r?pt?/ noun a person or thing that interrupts an event, activity, or process by causing a disturbance or problem. “the film follows his evolution from Hollywood star to political disruptor” One classic example has been in the fad • Read More »

Investing in Shares is a Discount on the Services You Use

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Piggy Bank

Only the other day I said that we should all be shareholders. I say that partly because successive governments after Margaret Thatcher’s initial privatisation have promised that everyone can be a shareholder. The reality is that they are not. Depending on which figures you look at, only between 22% and 33% of Brits are direct • Read More »

My 1965 House Project

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I brought my three-bedroom, semi-detached house in 2006. I’ve not done much with it due to lack of funds, even for a reasonably well-paid professional, I’ve been subject to financial pressures alongside every other regular Joe in the country, before this whole “cost of living crisis” blew up in all our faces. It’s still got • Read More »

We Should All Be Shareholders

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Do you remember when so many UK service were run by the state? I remember the gradual drip-drip sale of services, starting from the time of Margaret Thatcher’s election in 1979. It grew in the 1980s under “Thatcherism” and continued with her successor John Major, even when Tony Blair was PM from 1997 to 2007. • Read More »

There Wouldn’t Be a Cost of Living Crisis if We Had Better Management

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Things go up. Things go down. When this happens along a historical timeline you can see that it’s cyclical. Stock market sentiment, share prices, inflation, interest rates and economic activity in general are all examples of systems that are subject to ebbs and flows in fortunes. Ultimately economies are just rather large businesses, made up • Read More »

Veganuary 2022

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Vegan creamy gnocchi

(This was originally posted on 28th December 2021 but is republished each day of January 2022 to stay at the front of this blog) Having just read Dale Vince’s excellent Manifesto, I decided that maybe I should make an effort to reduce my red meat intake this next year. Part autobiography, part business biography and • Read More »

Truly Holistic Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing; what is it? SEO? PPC? Social media? Paid social? Programmatic? It’s all of the above. Digital marketing is also a lot more. When you’ve learned HTML, CSS, been a researcher, a web designer, a web developer, worked in a digital marketing agency, twenty years ago, before “digital marketing agency” became a term and • Read More »