Have You Seen this Digital Marketing Map?

March 1, 2017 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | Filed in: creativity, design, marketing.

Digital Marketing Map 2013Last night at college someone showed me The Digital Marketing Map. I was impressed. The digital marketing landscape is a complex and sprawling beast and this was the first time I’d seen an attempt to tame and visualise the sector. And what better way than an infographic and a London Underground/tube map to boot!

Also, this is a digital marketing roadmap and a mind map too, so the digital landscape has been clearly and logically laid out and all the connections made…

Wanting to have a look at this digital marketing map for myself I Googled it from my mobile whilst I was in the classroom and instantly noticed that the image search had different versions from the one I initially saw.

Upon further investigation, it appears that I’d originally seen the 2013 version, noting from initial glances where Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are very separate entities. The other version, which looks to be from 2014, now has them merged under the heading of Social Media, so that’s nice and simplified. Call tracking makes an appearance too, so that’s a good update.

But wait, there’s another map in a very similar style – There’s Gartner’s Digital Marketing Transit Map.  Also very interesting. There’s an interactive version of it too.

As a digital marketer, I also thought “which came first?” because the little digital marketing agency Hallam seem to have produced the tube map in January 2013 and, from my very quick research, the big research agency Gartner followed up a few months later in May/June 2013. And yet Gartner show up first in the SERPs for “digital marketing map”.

Anyway, Susan Hallam’s map is a brilliant tool. Infographics make information visually appealing. Mind maps make information easier to digest, process and remember. I’m going to keep this digital landscape map close at hand and I’m very seriously thinking of having a large format A2 printed version.

Susan, if you’re reading this, how much for a copy please?


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2 comments on “Have You Seen this Digital Marketing Map?

  1. Hi Paul, and thanks for your kind words!
    Very coincidentally, we are in the midst of updating the map at this very moment to reflect all the latest trends in digital marketing, and I’ll be sure to get a copy over to you.

  2. Hi Susan, thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment.
    It’s my pleasure, and the least I can do in return for your most excellent map.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing the latest version so please keep me posted 🙂

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