The Firepit

January 19, 2022 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | Filed in: philosophy.

Someone today said, in answer to the question “Did you have a good Christmas?”

“I discovered the joys of the fire pit and mulled wine”

Wow, waiting 50 years to appreciate such simple things in life!

Mulled wine is great, it’s been a staple of my family for many years, especially with the German connections and the Glühwein at the local provincial Christmas markets. A few years back we even concocted our own mulled wine, modifying recipes with the “secret ingredients” of spiced rum and ginger wine in the mix – heady it was.

But the fire pit, that’s a trendy thing.

Fire pits are interesting because they’re outdoor fireplaces. They’re hip. They’re cool. You’re not on my friend list unless you’ve got a fire pit and offer invites to bring some mulled wine*

But the fire pit is such a basic human thing – did you make fires as a cub/scout/Girl Scout? Were you a cadet on exercise or a camper? Did you fascinate yourself with campfires in the woods or a big fire at a festival?

If it’s taken 50 years to find joy in the rights of fire making, where have you been all your life?

Lead a less sheltered life, do the same for your kids. Go outside, immerse yourself in nature, go to an organised festival by all means but, if you can find a free festival, go do it.

Everything has become so domesticated these days. The free festival is a paid festival. The fire pit is just a domesticated campfire.

Free yourself. Your mind will follow.


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