Truly Holistic Digital Marketing

January 21, 2022 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | Filed in: digital marketing.

Digital marketing; what is it?

SEO? PPC? Social media? Paid social? Programmatic?

It’s all of the above. Digital marketing is also a lot more.

When you’ve learned HTML, CSS, been a researcher, a web designer, a web developer, worked in a digital marketing agency, twenty years ago, before “digital marketing agency” became a term and your employer didn’t want to be seen as a digital agency even though they were, been a copywriter, a blogger, an editor, a webmaster, a graphic designer, a full-time social media and outreach professional, project manager…

Managed IT systems, sold domain names, managed servers, hosted websites, added email accounts, ran email campaigns. deep-dived into forums, been a forum moderator, an MVP, a sysadmin, been both a Windows and Unix user and advocate…

You’ve been employed, self-employed, ran your own studio, started your own company, been a contractor…

Worked alone, for others, in a small team, a big team, for small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, national charities, global corporations…

Only when you’ve done all this, and worked as a digital marketer through all those experiences, can you genuinely say that you’re a truly holistic digital marketer.

Yesterday, after repeating the term holistic digital marketing for many years, did the message finally sink in and the phrase become used. I’ve been using it myself for a very long time as a spiritual person in the digital commercial world. But it finally became part of the vernacular.

It’s interesting how you can use a term for many years but then one day it finally makes traction.

Holistic digital marketing.

My time in the sun will come.

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