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Direct Line Motor Insurance – Computer Says No

June 27, 2012 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | No Comments | Filed in: business, finance, random.

When I clocked off working from home this evening, I decided to call Direct Line and renew the motor insurance on my Mercedes C230 estate. I double-checked to see if they’d spelled my wife’s name correctly on the policy (a common mistake) and they hadn’t spelled it right so that was sorted out. I also • Read More »

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The PC World Update

July 20, 2011 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | 1 Comment | Filed in: tech.

Their TV ads are for three hundred, four hundred and five hundred pound laptops. I didn’t want one of those notebooks, that’s the value of the 2008 model I’m working on now and it doesn’t have the RAM, the desktop resolution, the LED display nor the quadcore processor amongst other little bonuses. That’s why I • Read More »

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The Fine Line Between Marketing and Spamming

March 13, 2011 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | No Comments | Filed in: business, marketing, social media.

Some time ago I decided to join Ecademy to try it out and possibly extend my network within my industry. Immediately upon subscribing a couple of people were “all over me”. Now that’s not exactly “the way I roll” but I connected with these people anyway and, in a short period of time, received numerous • Read More »

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Is Your Business Still “Nervous” about Social Media?

January 14, 2011 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | 2 Comments | Filed in: business, Internet, marketing, social media.

I was chatting with Mick Dickinson of yesterday, discussing how the landscape has changed in marketing trends, particularly with regards to social media. Mick’s particular case, from a few months back, was of an “old skool” marketing guy failing to keep up with the times. This resonated with an ¬†experience I’ve had just this • Read More »

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22i Design – 10 Years

September 18, 2010 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | No Comments | Filed in: business, creativity, design, Internet, SEO.

When a little London agency tweeted the other week something along the lines of “Hooray – we’ve been doing business for 10 years!” it suddenly dawned on me… …22i Design, my little Farnborough web design business, was 10 years old on the 5th September 2010!¬†I’d been so incredibly busy that the date plain slipped me • Read More »

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Stating the Obvious

August 28, 2010 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | 5 Comments | Filed in: business, creativity, marketing, philosophy, tech.

I don’t know when I came up with the tag line “Stating the bleedin’ obvious since 1970” for this blog but I seem to recall it was a reaction to the level of hero worship that is afforded to those who merely… state the bleeding obvious. I’m talking about leading figures in the industry, in • Read More »

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Rip-off Britain

May 31, 2008 | By Paul Mackenzie Ross | 2 Comments | Filed in: Uncategorized.

I’ve been thinking about the current worldwide price rises in food, oil and energy and in the cost of living and credit going up. It’s happening in a lot of places in the world and for months the UK seemed to be largely unaffected, especially since the USA seemed to bearing the brunt of the • Read More »

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